Information For Seniors

This year’s party will be held at



Seniors- help us raise money for your party! All you need to do is sell a book of raffle tickets. There are ten tickets in a book and each ticket costs $10. The buyer has an opportunity to win one of four prizes! When you sell a book, your name will be entered into the special “senior only” prize drawing for a chance to win prizes that only graduates can win!



Raffle winners will be notified by phone call the morning following graduation.

Past “senior only” prizes have included: laptops, Bluetooth speaker systems, dorm refrigerators, mini-microwaves, and a $5000 gift card.

Raffle ticket sales are the primary fundraiser for Project Graduation.


FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do you guys pay for all these cool things?
A: We hold a raffle that follows the guidelines set up by the State of Texas. Any person may win a raffle item if they buy a ticket, but we need Pearland ISD high school seniors to sell them.

Q: What do I get for helping to sell the raffle tickets?
A: Students who sell a book of raffle tickets will leave Project Graduation with a nice prize (student must be present to collect). If you sell 50 tickets (5 books), then your admittance fee is waived. You also have a chance to win $100 CASH for selling the most raffle tickets (one winner per school).

Q: I did not sell any raffle tickets. Can I still win a prize?
A: Maybe. Only seniors who sell a book of tickets can win the “senior only” prizes. But you can win CASH (up to $100) by turning in “Grad Money” throughout the night to the Bank. Drawings are held every 30 minutes! You can also sign up to win a $1000 Sab Scholarship (you must register that night)

Q: I can’t stay all night?
A: No problem. You are free to leave at any time. Please note: you MUST BE PRESENT to win any “senior only” prizes. If you sold a book of raffle tickets, stick around- I bet you’ll leave with something cool. You do not need to be present to win a raffle item or a Sab Scholarship.

Q: Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbor to Project Graduation?
A: No. Only Pearland ISD graduates, who walk that day, are allowed to attend the party that night.

Q: How do I win a scholarship?
A: You must sign up for a chance to win a Sab Scholarship the night of Project Grad. Stop by the Sablatura Scholarship Table after Senior Check-in and fill out the small slip. (You do not have to be present to win, but entry is NOT automatic).

Q: I thought the party was free?
A: Sorry- the cost to attend Project Grad is $100. This gets you a t-shirt, food, beverages, games, activities, and chances to win cash, prizes, and/or a scholarship. If you sell 50 or more raffle tickets, then your fee is waived. Price subject to change.

Q: My mom/dad/aunt/uncle/brother/sister wants to volunteer?
A: Great! Have them email Trent Henley at (volunteers must be 24 or older).

Q: Can I still get another book of raffle tickets?
A: Yes. Meet the Project Grad representative, in the cafeteria, at your respective school.

Q: Where do I turn in my raffle money?
A: See the Project Grad representative, in the cafeteria, at your respective school.

Q: I lost my book of raffle tickets?
A: On no! Sounds pricey. A book of raffle tickets costs $100.

Q: What do I do with this fake Grad Money I get from playing games?
A: Turn it in to the PG Bank for a chance to win REAL CASH PRIZES! Drawings are held every 30 minutes.