Information For Seniors

This year’s party will be held at



Seniors- help us raise money for your party! All you need to do is sell a book of raffle tickets. There are ten tickets in a book and each ticket costs $10. The buyer has an opportunity to win one of four prizes! When you sell a book, your name will be entered into the special “senior only” prize drawing for a chance to win prizes that only graduates can win!

Raffle prizes include: Microsoft Surface Pro, Jadeveon Clowney Texans autographed and framed Jersey, Apple Watch Series 3, Yeti Roadie Cooler.

Stop by the Project Graduation table at your respective high school on the days below:

TCCHS- Every Wednesday (Cafeteria)

Dawson HS- Every Tuesday and Thursday (Cafeteria)

Pearland HS- Every Tuesday and Wednesday (Commons)


Raffle winners will be notified by phone call the morning following graduation.

Past “senior only” prizes have included: laptops, Bluetooth speaker systems, dorm refrigerators, mini-microwaves, and a $5000 gift card.

Raffle ticket sales are the primary fundraiser for Project Graduation.

Where to Park at Dave and Busters?

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FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do you guys pay for all these cool things?
A: We hold a raffle that follows the guidelines set up by the State of Texas. Any person may win a raffle item if they buy a ticket, but we need Pearland ISD high school seniors to sell them.

Q: What do I get for helping to sell the raffle tickets?
A: Students who sell a book of raffle tickets will leave Project Graduation with a nice prize (student must be present to collect). If you sell 10 tickets (1 book), then your admittance fee is waived. You also have a chance to win $100 CASH for selling the most raffle tickets (one winner per school).

Q: I did not sell any raffle tickets. Can I still win a prize?
A: Maybe. Only seniors who sell a book of tickets can win the “senior only” prizes. But you can win CASH (up to $100) by turning in “Grad Money” throughout the night to the Bank. Drawings are held every 30 minutes! You can also sign up to win a $1000 Sab Scholarship (you must register that night)

Q: I can’t stay all night?
A: No problem. You are free to leave at any time. Please note: you MUST BE PRESENT to win any “senior only” prizes. If you sold a book of raffle tickets, stick around- I bet you’ll leave with something cool. You do not need to be present to win a raffle item or a Sab Scholarship.

Q: Can I bring a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbor to Project Graduation?
A: No. Only Pearland ISD graduates, who walk that day, are allowed to attend the party that night.

Q: How do I win a scholarship?
A: You must sign up for a chance to win a Sab Scholarship the night of Project Grad. Stop by the Sablatura Scholarship Table after Senior Check-in and fill out the small slip. (You do not have to be present to win, but entry is NOT automatic).

Q: I thought the party was free?
A: Sorry- the cost to attend Project Grad is $60. This gets you a t-shirt, food, beverages, games, activities, and chances to win cash, prizes, and/or a scholarship. If you sell 10 or more raffle tickets, then your fee is waived. Price subject to change.

Q: My mom/dad/aunt/uncle/brother/sister wants to volunteer?
A: Great! Have them email Trent Henley at (volunteers must be 24 or older).

Q: Can I still get another book of raffle tickets?
A: Yes. Meet the Project Grad representative, in the cafeteria, at your respective school.

Q: Where do I turn in my raffle money?
A: See the Project Grad representative, in the cafeteria, at your respective school.

Q: I lost my book of raffle tickets?
A: On no! Sounds pricey. A book of raffle tickets costs $100.